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Submitted on
April 12, 2008


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features, heroes edition

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2008, 4:39 PM
  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: Zero - The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Reading: American Gods - Neil Gaiman
  • Watching: Death Note [jp], Dexter, PBS

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Gasp_Almostjellyfish by jonesray
Gasp_Almostjellyfish by jonesray

Nervous System? by jonesray
Nervous System? by jonesray



featured artwork

Gorgon and the Heroes
by Giulio Aristide Sartorio

journal entry

My thanks goes out to the Helpdesk people for getting my CSS back in my journal and collections etc. :highfive:

As for other news, snow is still here and green has not come, but soon it will. A lot of changes personally since the die off last Fall. I've been through almost my entire library of art paying close study, re-working pieces, thinking about my path, have not been producing much new work but feel the reflection time will benefit me in new work this spring. Also thinking more seriously about learning to paint better.

Physically I've got a completely new body since Autumn almost need a new wardrobe, likely in the best shape of my life I feel a new health and vitality which I'm sure will energize me in my study and work and so on. More mountain climbing and late night reading both, better balance between a strong mind and body now I think that is important.

Have had, and still have, an emotional season. The first time I've ben emotionally overwhelmed since I was a child and my father died, when I was helpless to change things and unprepared to deal with how I felt. Coming to terms with all that i've felt is difficult especially when it has far from over, I wake up every morning in love as I have for months, despite how unfruitful that love has turned out to be. Worse the distance now makes me worry i may have driven away a friend for good, which is the only thing that seriously hurts me.

So, winter has been a transitional and growing phase as all phases should be. With bloom of spring hopefully I'll have new art, even more strength, and some peace in my heart.


Scrap - Freehand 23 by wroth







About CSSBase style design by wroth...

With help and inspration from thespook and his Creative Journal CSS tutorial...

The menu is heavily adapted for us at DA from the example in this tutorial...

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Helewidis Apr 20, 2008   Photographer
:glomp: thank you!!!


Contests -> :new: The Forbidden Gaze CONTEST -> male nudes

Features -> :heart: Featured Artist of the Month
-> :heart: News Articles -> Community Choice \ -> Others
-> :heart: My collections -> (links of collections)
-> :heart: 100D Journal
-> :heart: Best of the Best - your AN's Collections

Get Connected -> :heart: Artistic Nudes -> News Articles, Polls & Issues
-> :heart: FAQ -> Helewidis & the Hat
-> :heart: In need of our Luuurve
-> :heart: Artists Relations Team Goodies
-> :heart: AR Mantra

:heart: Outside dA's goodies (still in doubt with this one cause if you're going to make me a version of this journal I won't be needing it due to the big box of outside dA feature :flirty:
Let me make sure I have it all right,

  • Contests
    • The Forbidden Gaze CONTEST male nudes
  • Features
    • Featured Artist of the Month
    • News Articles
      • Community Choice
        • 1
        • 2
        • etc
      • Others
    • My collections
      • 1
      • 2
      • etc
    • 100D Journal
    • Best of the Best, your AN's Collections
      • 1
      • 2
      • etc
  • Get Connected
    • Artistic Nudes
      • news
      • polls
      • etc
    • FAQ
      • Helewidis & the Hat
    • In need of our Luuurve
      • 1
      • 2
      • etc
    • Artists Relations Team Goodies
    • AR Mantra
  • Outside dA's goodies

Yes? The menu just uses a simple HTML list to order content, my menu looks like the list above when you strip the css off. If you know how to write html lists you could set it up however you want and i could just write the css to change it into a menu, might be best that way. Or I could do the list but get me links and a full set of content so I understand what has to expand and where :aww:
Helewidis Apr 21, 2008   Photographer
in "faq" it's just one link - the same for in need of our luuuurve

in the features subcat caleed others I'll also need a 1, 2, 3... if the html is simple I can do it myself later when I add or remove something, but I need something already done, so I can set it as an example of what to do... you know, try and error are my best friends! :drool:

forget the outside dA's goodies and gimme the css and html syntax for the big thumbtable that you have in order to present a photo from outside dA, and while you're on it gimme the same for the featd clubs, people, etc... I'd love to try it in my current journal!

yes, what I'd love would be a journal like yours, only in reddish and with a different image on the right, but I understand if you do not have time! ^^;

I'll give you the links for this tomorrow! :blowkiss: danke schon!
Ok I emailed you a version of the menu and will get to the boxes when I get time.

Yes I love to make CSS but it takes so much time, i promised myself i won't do any more for free because i need to focus on paying work etc. If you happen to be filthy rich and willing to pay me some obscene fee I'll whore my design skills out to you :eyes: But if not I really don't have time
Helewidis Apr 23, 2008   Photographer
:ccuddle: thankies
Will email you the boxes soon, I have a version 2.1 of them i'm working on which should fix some small problems in the floating
Helewidis Apr 23, 2008   Photographer
great! :w00t:
Spring is here new growth begins ..and I'm not talking about the bod ;P

Nice to see your journal back and in working clickety order :highfive: :hug:
thank you very much!!
am also going through emotional days..hope things get better for you:)
No problem don't mention it. :thumbsup:

Thanks, things are not really that bad for me they are just complicated. Hope things improve for you as well
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