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Pseudo Waters by wroth Pseudo Waters by wroth
------ updated july 31st 08, fine art print added ------

------ updated october 23rd 07, print added ------

Image Description:
I’ve been trying to sum up the critical information about an image in the title, but it’s often the case that the title itself is an unreliable and vague wordplay requiring it’s own explanation. Fear of misunderstanding and lack of confidence in the image’s ability to speak for itself inevitably leads me to drag my fingers into a longwinded explanation;

In this case the name is a reference firstly to the flow of stone and it’s liquid-like forces and movement, ripples and currents, how it holds each fallen leaf still while at the same moment seeming as though it is sweeping them along... Secondly the title points to my attempt to give a water color appearance to the image, difficult without adding paper texture, but the effect is at lest noticeable if not perfect thanks to the light contrast and color palate as well as painstaking work in shadow shape and graduated tone transitions [it is more noticeable at larger image sizes]... The third meaning of the title is to the water actually present which was portrayed more like cloud then a waterfall, and it’s motion converted to static cloak.


The concept of the photo revolves around subjects that are what they are not, stone that is in motion but is still, photo that is a painting but is not, water that is invisible but is there. Hence the real subject is illusion, using nature photography to bring into question the absoluteness of so called reality, or at lest an attempt to question the truth of what people commonly think to be real.

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(also see the :bulletred:Black & White, :bulletred:Tone, and :bulletred:Inverse versions if online (green dot), or if offline (red dot) then write me and ask about availability.)
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snowmask Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I have to concur with Lesa... this is just incredible.

Like fresco walls. Deep, penetrating, and always shifting in the light.

wroth Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
It's always a good idea to agree with Fems :giggle:

Thanks <3
fangedfem Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2006
That is, for the lack of a better word, wild! It plays tricks on my eyes - seemingly all moving but not at the same time. I love how the image is light and the textures are wonderful =) Well done my friend.
wroth Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2006
Thank you Lisa! That is very encouraging to hear, I did not know if anyone was feel’n this piece or not. So it is nice to know you get it

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September 15, 2006
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