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Iphigenia : bw by wroth Iphigenia : bw by wroth
(description copied from color version)

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Image Description:
Playing in puddles of neurosis. 'Give me one more medicated peaceful moment' 1.

This style tracks back to older pieces, but this work is a pinnacle of the type in my current work, at lest.

1"Orestes" - A Perfect Circle

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Media: Digital photography via Canon EOS, darkroom development in Photoshop on Mac OS.

Print Edition: Open Edition
(see also Limited Edition if available, or inquire )

Print Version: Black & White Version
(see also Color and Tone if available, or inquire )

Print Descrption: My copyright notice is only displayed on preview image and is not on the printed version, which is unmarked. The border on each side of approximately 2% of image size is included in the print, to ensure no image is lost in edge cropping and make matting/framing simpler. Professionally produced DA Prints are well known for awesome quality and for affordability, available in several sizes and finishes, they are a great way to get art into your home.
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First, I would like to warn you this is a critique from an admirer of your work, and therefore it will be suffering from a lack of objectivity.

I am an admirer, because I also happen to take pictures of nature, in South France, but I never managed to come ever near to the quality of your shots. First I just thought Canada was more interesting than South France, visually speaking, but that would be reducing so much your talent.

Here, in this picture, what amazes me is not the perfect execution of the shot, from the technical side when you took the picture to the over-the-top yet not too obvious post processing, no. This picture, first, is clearly “wroth style”, in the way that it is everything you do perfectly in your pictures, and therefore is immediately recognizable as yours. I often tried to analyzed what made your pictures so special, and while I can’t really tell how you do it, I think I managed to see what is (one of) the predominant component of your style: you are one of the very few that manages to give emotion to a nature shot. While my nature pictures are quickly boring, there is something in yours (and this is this “something” that always makes me wonder) that creates an atmosphere, an aura, and makes the picture not only a great piece of art, but somehow, unforgettable. While I’m not proud to say it considering the quality of my pictures compared to yours, it is clear that you have been, amongst other great artists, a true inspiration, someone to look up to.

However, while I am generally fond of your different versions, to my taste this b&w version really has something wrong, especially considering the color one, which I find amazing. The pale palette is maybe used to give a "ghostly" effect, but I really think it kinda spoil the atmosphere to manage to create for your other version of the picture. Still, great shot.
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ConfirmPentecost Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2007
Ok, today, for me, has been A Perfect Circle day. I haven't even listened to any APC songs today, and yet I have The Noose stuck in my head, I saw a painting on The Noose, and now Orestes. I'm a bit freaked. But, aside from my over reacting and just being crazy, nice shot.
wroth Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2007
fangedfem Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2007
Ghostly gorgeous!
Jay72 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
I like how the subject sort of reaches out from nothingness, spookily and mysteriously. To be nitpicky, it seems too faded/bright for me.

It could just be my taste, but I think this picture could benefit from more contrast.
wroth Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
Thanks for the feedback. :)

This version is austere compared to the color, no color and low contrast, changing the contrast in this manner abstracts it from the real life subject and changes the terms by which a viewer engages with it. Will not appeal to all but think technically it's superior to the color version, though I don't know which I prefer myself.
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October 22, 2007
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